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In the POLSER Group portfolio you will find a wide selection of milk powders. Starting from basic products such as whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, milk proteins, cream powder, buttermilk powder and whey powder, as well as functional milk powders for the food industry, with quality parameters selected, which are manufactured based on individual recipes. Polser and Sea of Milk are recognized commercial brands on the Polish and European market.  


Whole milk powder 

WMP medium heat 

WMP high heat 

Skimmed milk powder 

SMP low heat 

SMP medium heat 

SMP medium-high heat 

SMP high heat 

SMP high heat, heat stable 

Buttermilk powder 

BMP with different milk fat content (4%–11%) 

Cream powder

Cream powder with fat content (42-50%)

Milk powders
Milk powders

Whey powder 

Sweet whey with different content of whey protein (6%–15%) 

Demineralized whey D40, D50, D70, D90, with different content of mineral salts
(1%–6.5%) and whey protein content (6%–15%) 

Milk and whey derivatives 

Powdered milk permeate 

Powdered whey permeate 

Demineralized whey permeate powder 

Whey powders
Whey powders

Whey protein concentrates 

Whey protein concentrates with different whey protein content (WPC – Whey Protein Concentrate 30%–80%) 

Instant whey protein concentrates with whey protein content (WPC Instant 50%– 80%) 

Whey protein isolate (WPI – Whey Protein Isolate) 

Milk protein concentrates 

MPC – Milk Protein Concentrate 40%–85% 

Powdered milk protein isolate (MPI – Milk Protein Isolate) 

Protein powders
Protein powders

Milk powder with added vegetable fats (6%-50%)
and with different protein content (4%-24%)

FFMP Regular – Fat Filled Milk Powder regular  

FFMP Instant – Fat Filled Milk Powder instant 

Whey powder with added vegetable fats (6%-50%)
and with different protein content (4%-24%)

FFWP – Fat Filled Whey Protein 

Vegetable fats
Vegetable fats

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Speciality products
Speciality products